June 24, 2009

Foto Mesum Kevin Aprilio Vierra, Cowok Seksi

foto mesum Kevin Aprilio with Paula Tobing

Biodata Kevin Aprilio :
  • Full Name : Kevin Aprilio Sumaatmaja
  • Alternative Name : Kevin Aprilio, Kevin Vierra, Kevin Aprillio
  • Nickname : Kevin
  • Place / Date of birth : Jakarta, Indonesia, 7 April 1990
  • Father's Name : Addie MS / Addie Muljadi Sumaatmadja
  • Mother's Name : Memes / Meidyana Maimunah
  • Religion : Islam
  • Zodiak : Aries
  • Girlfriend / Pacar : Paola Tobing
  • Relationship : Sherina Munaf, Derby Romero Nainggolan, Cathy Sharon
  • Brother : Tristan Juliano
  • Occupation : Musician, Composer, Keyboardist
  • Education : SMA Global Jaya Bintaro Tangerang
  • Hobby : Playing Piano, Keyboard
  • Favourite Food : Japanese Food
Music Album :
- My First Love (2009), single hits Dengarkan Curhatku

gallery photo Kevin Aprilio wallpaper

Biografi Kevin Aprilio Biography :
Kevin Aprilio Sumaatmadja, better known as Kevin Aprilio, Kevin Vierra Band was born at Jakarta, 7 April 1990. Kevin is the son of happy couple Adie MS and Memes. He's a young musician and fluently in keyboard and piano, also personel of Vierra Band which founded with Widy Soediro Nichlany (vokal), Raka Cyril Damar (guitar) and Satryanda Widjanarko (drum) and additional bassist, Deryansha Azhary.

Kevin Aprilio and girlfriend, Paola Tobing.. so sweet

Kevin Aprilio, si cowok seksi ganteng has rambut harajuku style ala Japanese boy, it is Kevin Aprilio's trademark, style harajuku looks like japanese artists. When he was young, his parents invited him to join Yayasan Musik Jakarta to study piano and keyboard there. Then at Junior High School, he was started to composing and writing some song lyrics. Kevin Aprilio ganteng is cowok seksi, talented boy, so it makes many young girls very interest to be his soulmate and make intimate close relationship with hot male Kevin Aprilio.

Kevin Aprilio, the hottest sexy male

You can't find foto Kevin Aprilio telanjang bugil, foto mesum Kevin Aprilio here, but you can see foto terbaru Kevin Vierra sexy, profil Kevin Aprilio, gallery photo and nama lengkap Kevin Vierra, nomor / nomor hp Kevin Vierra Aprilio alamat rumah.

Bobby Joseph Baker, Money Salary Saved at Bank

Foto Biodata Bobby Joseph :
  • Full Name : Bobby Joseph Baker
  • Alternative Name : Boby Joseph Baker, Bobi Josep, Bobby Yosef
  • Nickname : Bob, Bobby
  • Place / Date of birth : Jakarta, 29 November 1991
  • Father's Name : Rano S. Baker
  • Mother's Name : Angeritji
  • Religion : Christian Protestan
  • Zodiak : Sagittarius
  • Relationship : Eva Celia (was), Rachel Amanda (gosip)
  • Occupation : Actor, Model
  • Education : Gonzaga, Homeschooling
  • Hobby : Basket Ball, Guitar, Internet and Painting Graffiti
  • Favourite Food : Ayam Bakar, Kentucky Fried Chicken
  • Favourite Color : Purple Ungu
Commercial Ad for Iklan : Milkshak, Homy Ped, Rexona

cowok seksi Bobby Joseph, not foto cowok telanjang

Television Soap Opera Bobby Joseph :

- Candy as Terry Ferdinand, with Rachel Amanda, Nimaz Dewantary, Lucky Perdana, Gisela Cindy, Joy Octaviano
- Ratu as Rama / Baja
- Nona Dewa
- Guruku Jagoan
- Sentuh Hatiku as Jonathan, with Eva Celia
- Namaku Mentari as Bara, with Rachel Amanda, Kevin Julio, Stuart Collin, Jessica Anastasya, Febby Rasianty, Nimas Dewantari
- Upik Abu dan Laura as Tristan, with Alyssa Soebandono, Cinta Laura, Irwansyah, Masayu Clara, Izalna Balqis
- Kasih Ibu
- Sinetron Lia, with Rachel Amanda, Lucky Perdana, Putri Titian, Stuart Collin, Ade Surya Akbar, Inggrid Kansil
- Sinetron Dewi, with Rianti Cartwright, Cakka Nuraga, Dimas Seto, Baim Wong, Luna Maya, Putri Ane

foto Bobby Joseph wallpaper, when he was young

Biografi Bobby Joseph

Bobby Joseph Baker, better known as Bobby Joseph, Boby Josep or Bobi Yosef was born in Jakarta, 29 November 1991. He has mix bloody Dutch from Rano Baker, his father and Manado from his mother, Angeritji. Bobby Joseph started his career in the entertainment world with following many castings in the production houses. Because the shooting schedule is always busy even night, Bobby Joseph finally decided to study home schooling education at home. Homeschool, some people also call it as homeschooling or home education is the education for people especially children and young age at home. Maybe some people call it private school.

sweet smile Bobby Joseph Baker galeri, not foto cowok bugil

Bobby Joseph always keep the salary in the bank for safety reason. After get salary from acting jobs, he always go to bank to save his money salary. No wonder if he had much money, because Bobby Joseph always very carefully to save money salary, and use the money only for important purposes. He know that the future is important, so he has to learn scrimp and save the money at bank and deposit there for the himself future. You can get biodata Bobby Joseph bio, profil Bobby Joseph photo, tanggal ulang tahun and alamat rumah, koleksi foto Bobby Joseph wallpaper here.

June 23, 2009

Ashraf Sinclair, Cowok Handsome from Malaysia

Biodata Ashraf Sinclair Photo :
  • Full Name : Ashraf Daniel Bin Muhammed Sinclair
  • Alternative Name : Ashraff Sinclair, Ashraff Daniel Sinclair
  • Nickname : Ashraf Sinclair
  • Place / Date of birth : Croydon, England 18 September 1979
  • Father's Name : Muhamed Sinclair
  • Mother's Name : Khadijah
  • Religion : Moslem
  • Bintang : Virgo
  • Wife Istri : Bunga Citra Lestari
  • Brother : Adam Sinclair
  • Sister : Aishah Sinclair
  • Occupation : Model, Actor Malaysia, Host
Judul Sinetron starring Ashraff Sinclair :
- Sekar (2008), with Naysila Mirdad, Kevin Andrean, Asmirandah, Kevin Julio and Jessica Mila
- Cinta dan Anugerah (2009) as Reza, with Jasmine Leeds Wildblood, Miller, Wilda Hamid, Cut Sarah, Eva Anindhita and Nabila Sakieb

photo shirtless Ashraf Sinclair, cowok telanjang dada with BCL Bunga Citra Lestari

Film Movies Bioskop Ashraf Daniel Sinclair :

- Saus Kacang (2008) as Fredo, with Bunga Citra Lestari, Nadia Saphira, Christian Sugiono, Marsha Milan Londoh and Bams Samsons
- The Real Pocong (2009) as Ivan, with Nabila Syakieb, Sakinah Dava Erawan and Kinaryosih

Biografi Ashraf Sinclair :

Ashraf Daniel Bin Muhammed Sinclair, better known as Ashraff Sinclair or Ashraf was born was born at Croydon, England UK in 18 September 1979. Ashraf is a Malaysian actor and began the career from Gol and Gincu movie, then he involved as host on Box Office NTV7 in Malaysia. Ashraf very popular, hot male sixpack, controversial and skyrocket since many foto telanjang dada (half-nude) and kissing each other, but not foto bugil with Bunga Citra Lestari Unge was spread at internet.

Ashraf Sinclair had Malaysian mother named Khadijah and Australian English father, Muhamed Sinclair. Adam Sinclair and Aishah Sinclair are name of his brother and sister who also involved career in showbiz and movies. As cowok handsome, he's very popular actor in Malaysia and Indonesia. Latest sinetron Ashraf Sinclair is Cinta dan Anugerah as Reza, which is starring with Yasmine Leeds Wildblood, Miller, Wilda Hamid, Cut Sarah, Eva Anindita and Nabila Syakieb.

gambar Ashraff Daniel Sinclair wallpaper gallery

You can't find foto cowok telanjang Asraf or photo pria bugil here, but you can see Ashraf Daniel Sinclair wallpaper, profil Ashraf Sinclair biodata and koleksi photo terbaru Ashraf Sinclair in Cinta dan Anugerah here.

Miller, Avian Cinta dan Anugerah

Biodata Foto Miller (Avian, Alvian) :
  • Full Name : Mohammad Suhaemi bin Ali Dad Khan
  • Alternative Name : Miller Avian, Mohamad Suhaemi
  • Nickname : Miller, Miler
  • Place / Date of birth : Kuala Lumpur KL Malaysia, 3 Maret 1987
  • Father's Name : Ali Dad Khan
  • Mother's Name : Norazlina Chow
  • Religion : Moslem
  • Zodiac : Pisces
  • Relationship : Cinta Laura
  • Sister : Norfara
  • Occupation : Model, Actor
  • Education : National Arts Academy Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia majoring Teater and Music
  • Favourite Food : Mie Instan
  • Commercial Ad for : Mie Instant Sarimi with Luna Maya, Ponds whitening lotion
Prestasi / Appreciation : Best Drummer at Ajang Alat Muzik Berkumpulan, Malaysia (2004)

photo Miller cowok seksi, not cowok telanjang bugil wallpaper

Soap Opera Sinetron starring Miller :
- Sinetron Azizah as Raffy, with Kirana Larasati
- Sinetron Suci (2008) as Martin, with Rezky Aditya, Bunga Zainal, Bayu Kusuma Negara, Rendy Septino, Stefanie Hariadi, Indah Ayu Putri, Shirin Amarain, Marsha Aruan, Conchita Caroline and Juwita Thofany Sanjaya
- Cinta dan Anugerah (2009) as Avian, with Nabila Syakieb, Ashraf Sinclair, Yasmine Wildblood, Wilda Hamid, Cut Sarah, Eva Anindhita and Marcell Darwin

Film Movies Starring Miller :
- Sepet (Malaysian production)
- Bukan Bintang Biasa (2007), with Raffi Ahmad, Chelsea Olivia Wijaya, Dimas Beck, Laudya Cinthya Bella and Ayushita
- Cintapuccino (2007) as Raka, with Aditya Herpavi Rachman, Sissy Priscillia and Nadia Saphira
- Hantu Perawan Jeruk Purut (2008) as Lucky, with Ratu Felisha, Monique Henry, Reza Pahlevi, Moudy Zanya and Allanys Weber
- Merem Melek (2008) as Kun, with Yama Carlos, Catherine Wilson and Noumira Sjahril.

artis pria ganteng, Miller wallpaper gallery pictures

Biografi Miller (Muhammad Suhemi) :

Mohammad Suhaemi bin Ali Dad Khan, better known as Miller or Miler was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 3 Maret 1987. Miller has mixed blood from his parents, China from mother Norazlina Chow and Arab from father Ali Dad Khan. Miller, cowok ganteng from Malaysia starting his career from 16 years old from modelling and ads more over 30 pieces in Malaysia.

When Miller visited Indonesia for vacation, he invited someone and ask for become commercial ads star products. Some products such as Sarimi and Ponds, and finally he stay in Indonesia for a long time. We never found foto bugil Miller or photo kontol cowok telanjang Miller at internet, because he always professional in career and never cowok nude in front of camera. I think, Miller is one of the most handsome guy from Malaysia and he's not cowok gay because from gossip we found he have special relationship with Cinta Laura Kiehl. Now, Miller starring sinetron Cinta dan Anugerah RCTI with Ashraff Sinclair, Cut Sarah, Eva Anindhita and Jasmine Wildblood. You can see koleksi foto foto Miller biography, Miller photo picture and Miller wallpaper here.

June 15, 2009

Kholidi Asadil Alam, Ketika Cinta Bertasbih

Foto Biodata Kholidi Asadil Alam
  • Full Name : M. Kholidi Asadil Alam
  • Alternative Name : Kholidi Asadil Alam, Kolidi Asadil Alam
  • Nickname : Odi, Kholidi
  • Place / Date of birth : Pasuruan Jawa Timur, 30 Maret 1989
  • Father's Name : Abdul Latief Adenan
  • Mother's Name : Affidatuzzahro
  • Religion : Islam
  • Height : 185 cm
  • Weight : 80 kg
  • Zodiak : Pisces
  • Occupation : Businessman, Actor
  • Hobby : Mengaji, Karate, Volley
  • Favourite Food : Pecel Ayam
Film Kholidi Asadil Alam Title :
Ketika Cinta Bertasbih (2009) as Khairul Azzam, starring with Oki Setiana Dewi, Andi Arsyil Rahman Putra, Alice Norin, Meyda Safira

akting M. Kholidi Asadil Alam, Khairul Azam

Prestasi Kholidi Azadil Alam :
- Juara I Peragaan Busana Muslim Jombang (2000)
- Juara I Cak & Yuk Cilik Kabupaten Pasuruan
- Juara I Peragaan Busana Muslim se-Jawa Timur (2001)
- Juara I Duta Olahraga DKI (2005)
- Duta Wisata Pulau Seribu
- Juara I Liga Sepak Bola Pelajar Jakarta-Selatan
- Juara II Karate Se-DKI (2006)
- Juara I Turnamen Voli Tingkat SMU (2006/2007)

foto Khairul Azzam and Andi Arsil Rahman, Ketika Cinta Bertasbih wallpaper

Biografi Kholidi Asadil Alam Biography :

Kholidi Asadil Alam, better known as Odi Kholidi or Khairul Azzam (Khairul Azam) at Film Ketika Cinta Bertasbih ( KCB ) was born in Pasuruan, 30 Maret 1989. He's the son of happy couple Abdul Latief Adenan and Affidatuzzahro. After finished senior high school at Jakarta in 2007, then cowok ganteng handsome Kholidi Asadil Alam study ilmu agama at Pondok Pesantren Darul Islah. In addition, he also became sarong distributor from East Java wrapper for sale in Jakarta.

Kholidi Asadil Alam Khairul Azzam started his career as suggestion from a painter at Bulungan who suggest to attend and participate at film audition Film Ketika Cinta Bertasbih, because the character of Khairul Azzam is very similar to himself and he selected the audition with Andi Arsyil Rahman Putra and Oki Setiana Dewi. Cowok tampan Odi Asadil Alam also clever in cooking. This is evidenced by opening a small restaurant special pecel ayam at Kalibata area. One hope from Kholidi Asadil Alam has not been achieved is to continue education school in university Al-Azhar (not in Mesir, but at Jakarta because the money financial funds more reasonable), to realize the hopes then he work and earn money to pay for the study at university and life later.

gambar photo Kholidi Asadil Alam pictures wallpaper

Hopefully expectations Kholidi Azadil Alam can be realized, you can see kumpulan foto foto Kholidi Azadil Alam and profil Kholidi Asadil Alam, Ketika Cinta Bertasbih wallpaper here.

May 20, 2009

Dimas Beck Trauma Stroke Disease of His Mother

Biodata Dimas Beck :

Full Name : Dimas Kahlil Sudoyo Beck
Alternative Name : Dimas Kahlil Beck, Dimas Sudoyo Becks
Nickname : Dimas Beck
Place / Date of birth : Jakarta, 8 Mei 1988
Father's Name : Sharif Beck
Mother's Name : Ida Sudoyo (got stroke cerebrovascular disease)
Height : 182 cm
Weight : 67 kgs
Zodiak : Taurus
Relationship : Vianka
Brother : Dan Beck
Sister : Dewi Beck
Occupation : Actor, Model, Singer, VJ
Education : SD Tadika Puri, SD Cita Buana Jagakarsa, SD Tarakanita 2 Barito, SMA Lab School
Commercial Ad for : A&W

Judul Sinetron Dimas Beck :
Tikus dan Kucing Mencari Cinta, Bila Jatuh Cinta, Sissy Putri Duyung, Hei Cantiknya, Keluargaku Harapanku (Daffa Ananda, Inas Tasya), Mimpi Si Anak Yatim (Aryani Fitriana Kepompong, Hessel), Doo Bee Doo (Rafi Ahmad, Mohamad Rizky, Risty Tagor, Dhawiya, Thyzia and Nini Arum)
Dimas Beck
foto Dimas Beck pictures (credited to Anekayess Online and kapanlagi.com)

Movies Starring Dimas Beck
- Apa Artinya Cinta? (2005), with Shandy Aulia, Samuel Rizal, Acha Septriasa, Sari Nila, Mischa Chandrawinata, Betrand Antolin, Ken Ayu Citra, Alexander Wiguna and Naomi Gonzales
- Lentera Merah (2006), with Laudya Cynthia Bella, Firrina, Teuku Wisnu, Fikri Ramdhan and Kartika Indah Pelapory
- Bukan Bintang Biasa (2007), with Raffi Ahmad, Laudya Chintya Bella, Ayusita, Chelsea Olivia

Dimas Kahlil Beck Music Album :
- The Best of Melly (Melly G feat BBB)
- Bukan Bintang Biasa, with Ayu-Shita, Raffi Achmad, Chelsea Olivia, Laudya Chyntia Bella
- Single Lagu “Ada Kamu” 2008
Cowok Ganteng
photo Dimas Beck wallpaper with Vianka, pacarnya who looks like Julia Perez

Biografi Dimas Beck Biography :

Dimas Beck who have full name Dimas Kahlil Sudoyo Beck is the son of divorced couple Sharif Beck and Ida Sudoyo, that affected stroke disease 4 years ago. His father has Australian blood and mother come from Indonesia. Dimas Beck was born in Jakarta, 8 Mei 1988 and when he was young very friendly . He has one brother, Dan Beck and one sister, Dewi Beck who stayed in Australia and actually he offers to continue study in Australia university by his father but the bid was refused and prefer choose to work in entertainment especially Playlist SCTV with Cathy Sharon and Indra Bekti.

After his parents divorced, little Dimas Beck treated by the mother and grandmother. His mother worked hard to pay for school and family life until finally suffered the Stroke disease. Stroke is one of deadly diseases like cancer and heart attack, and can cause complications, permanent neurological damage and death. Stroke is the rapidly developing loss of function the brain because disturbance supply blood to the brain. Stroke have two classification, ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic stroke.
Cowok Bugil
nafsu Dimas Beck sedikit bergairah and terangsang when see gadis ayu

When first suffering from deadly stroke, Mrs. Ida Sudoyo, mother of Dimas Beck had to be treated in the hospital. Doctors make the diagnosis, treatment care and rehabilitation for cure the dangerous disease. In ischemic stroke disease, supply of blood to part of the brain is decreased, leading to dysfunction of the brain tissue in that area. Why this might happen, there are 4 reasons : thrombosis becauseobstruction of a blood vessel by a blood clot forming locally, systemic hypoperfusion, embolism and venous thrombosis. Intracerebral hemorrhage stroke (ICH) is bleeding directly into the brain tissue, forming a gradually enlarging hematoma. Intracranial hemorrhage is the accumulation of blood anywhere within the skull vault. A distinction is made between extra-axial hemorrhage where blood inside the skull but outside the brain, and intra-axial hemorrhage where blood inside the brain. We only can pray, hope his mother can recover quickly from cerebrovascular stroke and Dimas Beck can continue his career in sctv Playlist with Cathy Sharon and Indra Bekti.

May 19, 2009

Ben Joshua, Leisure in Bali Villas

Profil Biodata Ben Joshua :

Full Name : Benjamin Joshua
Alternative Name : Ben Joshua, Ben Josua, Benyamin Joshua
Nickname : Benjos, Ben Josh
Place / Date of birth : Menado Sulawesi, 13 Agustus 1980
Height : 175 cm
Weight : 65 kg
Zodiak : Cancer
Relationship : unknown
Occupation : Actor, Model, Worker
Education : SMA Don Bosco, STIE Indonesia
Hobby : Watching Horror Movies
Favorite Books : FHM, Donald Bebek
Favorite Movies : Die Hard 1-2-3, Doraemon, Warkop DKI, Saving Private Ryan, Lord of The Ring 1-2-3, Closer, Dealova
Favorite Music : Matchbox 20, Green Day, Sugar Ray, No Doubt, Linkin Park, Prodigy

Commercial Ads for : A Mild Versi lampu (2005), Sandal Carvil (2007), Decolgen (2008)
Benjamin JoshuaBen Joshua
koleksi foto Ben Joshua wallpaper pictures

Judul Film Ben Joshua :

- DeaLove (Flix Production, 2005) as Dira, with Evan Sanders, Jessica Iskandar, Rizky Hanggono, Nagita Slavina
- Cinta Pertama (Maxima Production, 2006) as Sani, with Bunga Citra Lestari, Richard Kevin
- Malam Jumat Kliwon (Indika Production, 2007) as Dhika, with Robertino, Gracia Indri, Debby Kristy
- Hantu Jembatan Ancol (MD Entertainment, 2008) as Nikko, with Nia Ramadhani, Nadila Ernesta, Dennis Adhiswara
- D.O - Drop Out (MVP Pictures, 2008) as Jemi, with Titi Kamal, Sarah Sechan, Dimas Aditya, Dwi Sasono
- Hantu Rumah Ampera (Rapi Films, 2009), with Nadila Ernesta, Rahma Landy

Sinetron Ben Joshua :
- Sepatu kaca (Soraya Films, 2006), with Shandy Aulia, Andy Soraya, Yogi Finanda and Mirasih Tyas Endah
- Anggun (MD Entertainment, 2007), with Luna Maya, Carissa Putri
- Pacar Pilihan (Multivisonplus, 2007), with Nikita Willy, Samuel Zylgwyn Heckenb├╝cker, Nimaz Dewantary, Bunga Zainal
- Cinta Maia ( MD Entertainment, 2008), with Nadila Ernesta, Revand Narya, Indah Ayu Putri, Gracia Indri, Sheny Andrea, Marsha Aruan
- Koq Gitu Sich (Studio DSX ,2008), with Bunga Zaenal, Dimas Aditya

Benjamin Joshua wearing senior high school uniform

Biografi Ben Joshua :

Benjamin Joshua, more popular known as Ben Joshua, Benyamin Joshua, Ben Josua or Benjosh is a young celebrity boy in Indonesia. First career, Ben worked as media relation executive at magazine office. After tired work there, finally he try to follow casting the Dealova movie and received portray as young leader named Dira. Then he stopped working in the office and try to work in entertainment world. Then with Unge Bunga Citra Lestari, artis Ben Joshua play at Cinta Pertama as Sunny who loves Alya.

When asked where the most preferred holiday, Ben Josua immediately said Bali Island. Bali Island is famous with natural beauty and exotic cultural like as Carribean. Stay in luxury hotels and villas, all people will be vacationing there. He like stay at a luxury villa and beautiful five stars hotels at Bali Island that scattered from Sanur, Kuta, Jimbaran, Ubud. Price villas and five star hotels there are very affordable, so Ben Joshua enjoys in beautiful villas and luxurious hotels that place for work or holiday in Bali Island.

photo Ben Joshua with friends, Jessica Iskandar cantik and Evan Sanders

One thing also not be overlooked Benjamin Joshua is, he also set aside part of the salary for money saving. Because between money and vacation to be very important, some money must be saved in the bank, stocks or deposit and the other part is used for fun or a holiday to Bali and enjoy the beautiful villas and hotels as well as natural scenery and culture there. For you who loves Ben Joshua, you can enjoy the handsomeness Ben Joshua, but you can not see foto Ben Joshua telanjang or photo Ben Joshua bugil here. Because Ben Joshua is a celebrity that always polite and never involved in the adegan porno.

Dimas Seto, Harley Davidson Motorcycle is My Blood

Biodata Dimas Setowardana / Dimas Seto Biodata :

Full Name : Dimas Setowardana
Alternative Name : Dimas Setowardhana, Dimas Seto Wardana
Nickname : Dimas Seto
Place / Date of birth : Jakarta, 23 Juli 1979
Religion : Islam
Zodiak : Leo
Relationship : Cristy Soebono (was), Ussy Sulistyowati (was), Dhini Aminarti (now)
Occupation : Actor, Model
Education : Trisakti University
Hobby : Futsal, Riding Harley Davidson
Favourite Food : Japanese Food
Favorite Color : Black and White

Film Dimas Setowardana :
- Buruan Cium Gue (2004), playing with Hengky Kurniawan, Masayu Anastasia, Ratu Felisha, Tommy Kurniawan, Imelda Therinne, Oman Nurchman, Ishak S.M., Siti Rohasanah, Anggie Regia, Aimee Juliette, Irfan Hakim, Martha Ludiya, Dewi Rezer and Yudi Lifa
- Pesan Dari Surga (2006), playing with Luna Maya, Rianti Cartwright, Catherine Wilson, Vino Bastian, Ramon Y. Tungka, Lukman Sardi, Indah Kalalo, Davina Veronica
- Selamanya (2007) as Bara, with Julie Estelle, Masayu Anastasia, Chacha Frederica, Ita Mustafa
- Rahasia Bintang (2008) as Aria, with Desi Florita, Tio Pakusadewo, Mona Ratuliu, Restu Sinaga, Griselda Agatha, Nena Rosier, Cut Keke and Sandy Nayoan

foto Dimas Setowardana wallpaper
Judul Sinetron Dimas Seto Wardana:
- Jamilah Binti Selangit as Rendy, with Nova Eliza, David Chalik
- Kutunggu Cintamu
- Mukjizat Allah, with Jihan Fahira, Krisdayanti
- Jangan Pergi Dariku as Eko, with Natalie Sarah, Jhon Egy, Zacky Zima
- Cintaku Berat di Ongkos, with Randy Pangalila
- Penjaga Hati, with Julie Estelle
- Berikan Aku Cinta
- Kehormatan
- Valentine Untuk Bunga
- Dewi as Satria, playing with Luna Maya, Rianti Cartwright, Ibnu Jamil and Baim Wong

Musik Album Dimas Setowardhana :
- 10 Male Sinetron Artist
Appreciation / Penghargaan for Dimas Seto Wardhana:
- Top Guess 1998 Majalah Aneka

Dimas Seto, Harley Davidson rider

Biografi Dimas Setowardana :

Dimas Setowardana, better known as Dimas Seto, Dimas Seto Wardana, Dimas Seto Wardhana or Dimas Setowardhana was born in Jakarta, 23 Juli 1979. He is a handsome Indonesian macho actor sinetron Dewi and Harley Davidson lovers, no wonder many mature moms very interesting with his body and attitude. Some people call Dimas Seto as Playboy Indonesia, because he always get pretty and sexy girls. First, he make in relationship with Christy Subono, the daughter of Adrie Soebono who have the largest event organizer in Indonesia. Second, Dimas Seto successfully intimate with Ussy Sulistyowati, beautiful young widow who has one child was recently divorced. Then, the last Dimas Seto has serious relationship with the Dini Aminarti (Dhini Aminarti, Indra L Bruggman ex girlfriend). Look at foto Dimas Seto photo flirting with Ussy and his motorbike, so cute..

Discuss about Dimas Setowardana, can not be separated from the two-wheels vehicle that are expensive luxury, Harley Davidson. Harley-Davidson Motor is an American motorcycles manufacture based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States which specialized sells heavyweight (over 750 cc) motorcycles designed for cruising on the highway. Indulgence with Harley Davidson motorcycles make Dimas Seto can spend much money to buy spare parts, accessories from Harley Davidson. Sometimes he use money loans or motorcycle loan to buy Harley Davidson.

foto Dimas Seto flirting Ussy Sulistyawati pictures gallery

Maybe only one dream that has not been done, ie have VRSCX: Screamin Eagle Tribute, V-Rod Muscle and marry with Dhini Aminarti with accompanied by American police troops style in the Harley Davidson Motorbike.

May 2, 2009

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May 1, 2009

Randy Pangalila, Home Schooling Education Program

credited to Anekayess Online for pics
Profil Biodata Randy Pangalila
  • Full Name : Randy Pangalila
  • Alternative Name : Randi Pangalila, Rendy Pangalila, Rendi Pangalila
  • Nickname : Randy
  • Place / Date of birth : Surabaya, Jawa Timur, 19 Oktober 1990
  • Mother's Name : Agatha
  • Religion : Protestan
  • Height : 172 cm
  • Weight : 64 kg
  • Size shirt : M, Pants : 32, Ukuran Shoes : 43
  • Zodiak : Virgo
  • Girlfriends : Noni Anissa Ramadhani / Donita (was), Meta Permadi (was)
  • Sisters : Inggrid Pangalila
  • Occupation : Actor, Model, Singer
  • Education : Home Schooling
Filmography Randy Pangalila :
- Oh Baby (2008) as Zarro, directed by Cassandra Massardi, starring with Cinta Laura Kiehl, Ridwan Ghani, Ariel Tatum, Catherine Wilson, Tio Pakusadewo, Andi /Rif, Piet Burnama, Ari Sihasale and Unang Bagito.
Foto ArtisRandy Pangalila
foto mesra Randy Pangalila, he loves male or female ?

Judul Sinetron Randi Pangalila Title :

- Alyssa
- Gue Banget
- Cinta Kirana
- Chelsea
- Karissa
- Cinta Fitri Season 3, as Tristan and starring with Shireen Sungkar, Teuku Wisnu, Adly Fairuz, Verlita Evelyn, Iqbal Pakula, Donita, Dinda Kanyadewi, Sandy Syarief, Boy Tirayoh, Bemby Putuanda, Irene Librawati, Meidiana Hutomo, Elsye Virgita and Marizcha Fayn
- Sumpah I Luv U, with Stefanie Nepa, Juwita Bahar, Teuku Ryan

Biografi Randy Pangalila Biography :

Randy Pangalila, someone else also called as Randi Pangalila, Rendy Pangalila or Rendi Pangalila was born in Surabaya, Oktober 19 1990. He is a young Indonesian actor, especially in sinetron soap opera television program and has mix blood Dutch, Manado and Java from his parents. Randy Pangalila started career as model catwalk and teen magazine, he also known as boyfriend of Noni Anissa Ramadhani (Donita) and Meta Permadi but their relationship was ended because different religion.

As student, Randy Pangalila doesn't study at senior high school but he study at home via homeschooling. Home schooling, better known as homeschool, home education or home learning is the education for children or teenagers at home by tutors or their parents. Although prior to the introduction of compulsory school attendance laws, most childhood education occurred within the community or family, homeschooling in the modern sense is an alternative in developed countries to formal education.

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In many places such as United States, Canada, Germany, Australia, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, France or China, homeschooling is a legal option for parents who wish to provide their children with a different learning environment than exists in the academy or school. In Indonesia, the children of Home Schooling enables to attend an equal National Tests to obtain an “Equivalent Certificate”. The home schooling is recently becoming a trend in upper-middle to upper class families include Randy Pangalila, because with highly educated parents with capability to provide better tutoring or expatriate families living far away from International School.

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