January 25, 2009

Derby Romero, Kepompong Gejolak Asmara Cinta

Biodata Derby Romero Profile

Full Name : Martua Derby Romero Nainggolan
Alternative Name : Derby Romero, Derbi Romeo, Deby Romero, Derby Romeo
Nickname : Sadam
Place / Date of birth : Jakarta, 8 Juni 1990
Father's Name : Igor Nainggolan
Mother's Name : Nita Tanuwijaya
Religion : Kristen Protestan
Zodiac : Gemini
Relationship / pacar : unknown
Occupation : Actor, Singer, Atlet Anggar
Education : Paramadina University, majoring Law Hukum Notariat
Hobby : Otomotif, basketball, skateboarding, anggar
Favorite Books : Comics
Favorite Movies : Petualangan Sherina, Janus Prajurit Terakhir, 28 Weeks later, 300, HEROES, Godfather Trilogy
Favorite Music : Azzidodabass, Limp Bizkit, Spiller, Shaggy, Rock and Dance
Favorite TV Show : MTV Pimp My Ride

foto Derby Romero, Sherina Munaf, Kevin Julio

Filmography / Sinetron Title :

* Petualangan Sherina (2000), as Sadam / Saddam (starring with Sherina Munaf, Didi Petet, Mathias Muchus, Ratna Riantiarno, Butet Kertaradjasa), directed by Riri Riza
* Janus: Prajurit Terakhir (2003), as Mayo (starring with Alyssa Soebandono as Indri, Reggy Lawalata, Torro Margens, Jamie Aditya and Wawan Wanisar)
* Kepompong (2008-2009) at SCTV, as Indra, Aryani Fitriana as Chacha, Dinda Kirana as Bebi, Mikha Tambayong as Tasya, and Tania Putri as Hellen (they are member of D'Rainbow / de`Rainbow genk)

photo Derby Romero young child, are those women is pacar Derby Romero ? it's look like teen girls and the others like as tante muda or wanita STW (setengah tua)

Martua Derby Romero Nainggolan, better known as Derby Romero was born in Jakarta, June 8, 1990. Derby started her career as little Sadam
in the film Petualangan Sherina. After a long absent artist in the world, he returned in a sinetron entitled Kepompong, as Indra that SCTV release every afternoon at 16.30 pm. Derby Romero caem had entertaining soul, natural and full of inspiration. Not easy to attract spectactors who are currently like impression reality show. However, Derby are sure sooner or later, sinetron loyal audience, let alone who want fresh and entertaining stories, will like it. Many audience love him, because Derby really cowok cakep, cowo cute, cowok imut, cowok asyik and lucu. He's also mahasiswa gaul and seksi, but never photo Derby Romero telanjang or Derby Romero bugil foto on the camera, you couldn't found it. I think Derby Romero will be famous young Indonesian actors, like as Lucky Perdana and Rezky Aditya.. so many young hot girls very interest would like to be her pacar or kekasih asmara Derbi.

Persahabatan bagai kepompong,
merubah ulat menjadi kupu-kupu malam,
Persahabatan bagai kepompong
Hal yang tak mudah berubah jadi indah
Persahabatan bagai kepompong,

Aryani Fitriana, Dinda Kirana, Derby Romero, Mikha Tambayong, Tania Putri

In addition as the movies and soap opera actors, Derby is also a student at law faculty in Jakarta, and even had time to follow Pelatnas Anggar, he's a fencing athlete. Derby Romero also makes music album after the vote on the practice Bertha and Bornok Hutahuruk, and produced a music album titled Tangguh, with main song Gelora Asmara which is the last soundtrack sinetron Kepompong. Because he is easy to interact with other peoples, no wonder if Derby Romeo has known many close friends, such as Randy Pangalila, Kevin Julio, Bobby Joseph and Sherina Moenaf. Here's the lirik lagu Gelora Asmara...

Datanglah nyatakanlah cintamu
Katakan bahwa kau menginginkan diriku
Datanglah bawalah bunga-bunga
Agar kau dapat membuat diriku terbang

Don Juan Derby Romero with gadis gadis muda, is Derby Romero cowok playboy ?

January 12, 2009

Rezky Aditya, Artis Sinetron Masa Depan

Biodata Rezky Aditya :
  • Full Name : Rezky Aditya
  • Alternative Name : Rizky Aditya
  • Place / Date of birth : Jakarta, 26 Februari 1985
  • Zodiak : Pisces
  • Relationship : Livi (was), Nia Ramadhani (just gossip)
  • Occupation : Actors
  • Education : Bina Nusantara University, majoring Industrial Engineering
  • Hobby : Basket, Hangout
Judul Sinetron :
* Cinderella, as Rama play with Cinta Laura, Galih Ginanjar
* Luna
* Benci Jadi Cinta
* Peluk Aku 3 Menit
* Putri
* Suci, as Dennis playing with Bunga Zainal, Miller and Bayu Kusumanegara
* Melati Untuk Marvel, as Marvel playing with Chelsea Olivia Wijaya (Melati), Fendy Chow (Dika), Neshia Putri (Shafa), Chris Laurent (Aditya), Afifah Syahira (Aurel), Gracia Indri (Kezia)

foto Rezky Aditya, pria seksi keren not telanjang

Rezky Aditya, some peoples also called as Rizky, Reski, Riski, Rezki or Resky Aditya was born in Jakarta, 26 Februari 1985. Rezky is a sexy young actor in soap Indonesian cinema. He has handsome face, baby face, cute, funny and absoultey hot and sexy boy who have six-pack body. Many cinema television films have been starring him, like as Cinderella, Luna, Benci Bilang Cinta, Putri and his name increasly popular after starring sinetron Suci, as Dennis. At the sinetron movies, Rezky si foto pria tampan act with Miller and Bunga Zainal, the hot and sexiest girls in Indonesia. And after that in sinetron Melati Untuk Marvel, Rezky Aditya playing as Marvel, but that's not porn cinema television. He starring the television cinema together with Chelsea Olivia Wijaya as Melati, Fendy Chow as Dika, Neshia Putri as Shafa, Chris Laurent as Aditya and Gracia Indri as Kezia.

In the role as Marvel in Melati Untuk Marvel, sinetron in the run every night at 7 PM in SCTV television, makes Rezky Aditya beloved tune lovers sinetron both old and young, and especially sexy young girls and auntie cheerful. His handsome face defeat the actors Dude Herlino. Some polls indicate, Rezky get the most praise than Adly Fairuz, Dude Harlino, Randy Pangalila and another actors cinema television Indonesia.

Rezky Aditya pictures with friends, lelaki tampan macho not bugil

Rezky Aditya known had close relationship with many friends, but just as friends like as Cinta Laura Kiehl, Randy Pangalila, Poppy Bunga the child sexy girls and Nia Ramadhani. Some gossip said, Rezky had close relationship and falling in love with Nia Ramdhani after the intimacy pictures spread on internet. The pictures very hot, sexy and very intimate. But the gossip was lost soon, after Nia Ramadhani had new close relationship with Ardi Bakrie, the son of the richest people in Indonesia, Aburizal Bakrie. But I think, Rezky is cowok ganteng the handsome male actor and will be more popular in the future.

photo Rezky Aditya and Nia Ramadhani, is this just hotgosip ?

January 8, 2009

Winky Wiryawan, Pregnant Obsession with Wife

Biodata Winky Wiryawan
  • Full Name : Nurayendra Irwindo
  • Nickname : Winky Wiryawan, DJ Winky, DeeJay Wingky
  • Place / Date of birth : Bandung, 9 Desember 1978
  • Father's Name : Widodo Soenarko
  • Mother's Name : Vita Devi Irwantari
  • Spouse : Asmara Siswandari
  • Religion : Islam
  • Occupation : Disc Jockey, Pemain Film
  • Zodiac Sign : Sagitarius
  • Hobby : DJ, Travelling
  • Favourite Food : Keju
  • Commercial Ad for : Nescafe, Ponds, Relaxa
- Best Crying Scene - MTV Indonesia Movie Awards (MIMA) 2004
- Nominasi Most Favorite Supporting Actor - MTV Indonesia Movie Award 2006
- Golden Orchid Award - Best Foreign Language Film, Festival Film Hawaii, United States

Elang (2008) sebagai Bintang
Rafika (2009), as Ruby Rubi, playing with Carissa Putri, Aditya Herpavi, Bayu Oktara

Winky Wiryawan foto pictures (from: kapan lagi)


* Jelangkung (2001), as Ferdy playing with with Roni Dozer, Harry Panca
* Titik Hitam (2002), with Aurora Yahya, Endhita
* Singa Karawang-Bekasi (2003), with Rendi Bragi, Marshanda and Rifat Sungkar
* Mengejar Matahari (2004), as Ardi playing with Fedi Nuril, Udjo Project Pop and Fauzi Baadilla
* Janji Joni (2005), with Nicholas Saputra, Mariana Renata,
* Ruang (2006), with Luna Maya, Slamet Rahardjo
* 6:30 - 36 Detik (2006), with Adilla Dimitri, Dinna Olivia
* Americana (2006)
* Berbagi Suami (2006), with Jajang C. Noer, Shanty, Rieke Diah Pitaloka, Lukman Sardi
* Surat Untuk Ayah (2007)
* Badai Pasti Berlalu (2007), with Vino Bastian, Raihaanun, Davina Veronica
* Perempuan Punya Cerita (2008), with Fauzi Baadila, Kirana Larasati.
* Gara-gara Bola (2008), as Ahmad playing with Herjunot Ali, Aming, Tarzan, Laura Basuki

DJ Winky Wiryawan wallpaper
Nurayendra Irwindo, better famous as Winky Wiryawan, in clubber world better known as DJ Winky Junko was born in Bandung, Jawa Barat, 9 Desember 1978. Winky married with Asmara Siswandari (but not pregnant till now), usually call as Kenes in 1 Oktober 2004 at Masjid At-Taqwa, Jakarta Selatan. He has job as a disc jockey, actors, models and became one of the best DJs in Indonesia because very expert playing turntable for the crowd clubbers.

Several years Wingky Wiryawan have been married with Asmara Kenes Siswandari, but his wife isn't pregnant so Wingky planning for test tube babies with IVF. IVF (in vitro fertilization) is the most common form of ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) today, and In Vitro Fertilization Pre-Embryo Transfer (IVF-ET) is a process by which egg cells are fertilized by sperm outside of the womb, in vitro. IVF is a major treatment in infertility when other methods of assisted reproductive technology have failed. The process involves hormonally controlling the ovulatory process, removing ova (eggs) from the woman's ovaries and letting sperm fertilise them in a fluid medium. The fertilized egg (zygote) is then transferred to the patient's uterus with the intent to establish a successful pregnancy with surgery. This only can do by an embryologist and gynecologist masters with monitoring frequently checks the estradiol level and, by means of gynecologic ultrasonography.

Winky Wiryawan DJ tempat dugem cafe diskotik asik
I think, they must working hard to getting pregnant, another way is IVF Without Surgery, Transvaginal Oocyte Retrieval and Clomiphene. Clomiphene is often referred to as the "fertility pill". Letrozole is very similar to clomiphene in the way it works. However, letrozole is quickly cleared from the body. It only works for the cycle in which it is taken and is less likely to adversely affect the uterine lining and cervical mucous. Of all women treated with clomiphene, or letrozole, 60% to 80% will ovulate normally. However, only half of those patients who ovulate will become pregnant.

This month, the latest soap opera starring Winky Wiryawan and Carissa Puteri will be launch in RCTI, Rafika. Some gossip said, they had cinta lokasi with Carissa Putri there and the affairs makes separated beds between Winky and his wife.

Vino Bastian : Biodata, Foto, Fans Club, Wallpaper

Biodata Vino G. Bastian
Full Name : Vino Giovanni Bastian
Nickname : Vino G Bastian, Vino Bastian
Place / Date of birth : Jakarta, 24 Maret 1982
Father's Name : Bastian Tito
Height : 179 cm
Weight : 65 kg
Occupation : Actor, drummer, model
Education : Institut Technology Industri Jakarta, majoring Chemical Engineering
Hobby : Watching movies, Listening music, Playing instruments, Eating

Color : Black and other dark colour
Actor : Al-Pacino

Vino Bastian photo cowo not bugil

Vino Bastian Movie Title (Filmography) :
* 30 Day Search for Love / 30 Hari Mencari Cinta (2004), play with Nirina Zubir, Dinna Olivia and Revaldo
* End Note School / Catatan Akhir Sekolah (2005), with Marcel Chandrawinata, Christian Sugiono, Joanna Alexandra, directed by Hanung Bramantyo
* Images and The Box / Foto Kotak dan Jendela(2006), play with Christian Sugiono, Noveleta Dinar.
* Reality, Love and Rock'n Roll / Realita, Cinta dan Rock'n Roll (2006), with Herjunot Ali, Nadine Chandrawinata, Sandy Harun
* Message From Heaven / Pesan Dari Surga (2006), with Luna Maya, Rianti Cartwright, Catherine Wilson and Davina Veronica
* Badai Pasti Berlalu (2007), Raihaanun, Winky Wiryawan and Davina Veronica
* About Love / Tentang Cinta (2007), with Sheila Marcia, Fedi Nuril
* Radit and Jani / Radit dan Jani (2008), with Fahrani Empel, an Indonesian supermodel

wallpaper Vino G. Bastian
Vino Giovanni Bastian, better known as Vino G. Bastian or Vino Bastian was born in Jakarta, 24 Maret 1982. He's an Indonesian sexy actors and Indonesia cute male model , but not Asian male nude models. Vino Bastian is the youngest son Bastian Tito, fighting script-writer through the famous series Wiro Sableng which have famous weapon Kapak Maut Naga Geni 212 and a mad teacher Eyang Sinto Gendeng.

In the junior high school, Vino Bastian began playing music as a drummer. He then became a model and in 2004 as the actors with first debut through film 30 Day Search for Love. In the film director Upi Avianto landing, the Vino portray characters who dream school children formed a band group, but you can't find foto cowok telanjang Vino Bastian here. In the last film Radit dan Jani, Vino G. Bastian portray marijuana as a habitue, he had to do a survey of some old friends who use a lot of drug addict. Habitue role as a drug in the film Radit and Jani was not to make the main actors, Vino G Bastian, a fear of its image will be affected. For Vino, any role that he not be a problem play.

Is Vino Bastian a playboy Indonesia? Those girls so damn cute!

In some photos circulating on the internet forum, the man who similar to Vino G Bastian appear that the smooch with a short blond woman. Both shirt and black lips they look cool intimate smooch, and I think that's very hot kissing altough they didn't do adegan photo pria bugil and gadis telanjang. At the forum is called Vino-a smooch with Upi Avianto, film director Reality Cinta Rock n Roll & Radit and Jani, who is the girlfriend alone. Both a relationship for two or three years ago. Is it right that Vino Bastian and Upi Avianto? Until now, they still have not provided further information with intimate sexy images of their face like this.

Vino G Bastian with Nicholas Saputra in the same category to nominated Best Actor on the Indonesian Film Festival 2008. Vino is nominated for his movie Radit and Jani which made him become the Most Favorite Actor in Indonesian Movie Awards 2008, beating Nicholas Saputra. I think, he's the most sexiest actors and the cutest male in Indonesian..
hot sexy male models, Vino Bastian pictures