March 29, 2009

Andrew Andika Terlanjur Cinta to Ririn Dwi Ariyanti ?

Biodata Andrew Andika
  • Full Name : Andrew Andika Fatturahman / Muhammad Andrew Andika Fatturahman
  • Alternative Name : Andrew Andhika, Andrew Andika, Andre Andika
  • Nickname : Andre
  • Place / Date of birth : Bandung, 10 Juli 1987
  • Religion : Islam
  • Zodiak : Cancer
  • Relationship : unknown
  • Occupation : Actor, Model
  • Hobby : Listening Music, Sleeping
  • Commercial Ad for : Garuda Indonesia, Axe Effect with Asmirandah
Prestasi Appreciation :
- Coverboy Finalis Kawanku Magazine (2001)
- Winner #1 Modeling Competition (2003)

Foto Mesum
Andrew Andika wallpaper with Laudya Chintya Bella

Sinetron Andrew Andhika Title :

- Ijinkan Aku Berlebaran Sekali Lagi (2003)
- Pacar Khayalan (2004), with Shandy Aulia, Yogi Finanda, Nicky Tirta, Imelda Lubis
- Bintang di Surga (2006), with Nadia Vega, Revandita T. Narya
- Dongeng si Merah dan Si Putih (2007)
- FTV Puber Ke 17 (2007)
- Legenda Romi and Yuli
- Cookies Luna and Aina
- Cinta Bunga (2008), with Laudya Cinthya Bella, Chicko Jeriko, Tabah Panemuan, Nessa Sadin, Oka Antara, Bayu Kusumanegara, Metha Yunatria
- Cinta Fitri 2 (2008), with Shireen Sungkar, Teuku Wisnu, Adly Fairuz, Donita, Fanny Ghassani, Verlita Evelyn, Iqbal Pakula, Bembi Putuanda, Oka Antara, Anbo Octocheno, Chila Irawan, Dinda Kanya Dewi, Metha Yunatria, Boy Tirayoh, Irene Librawati, Arthur Tobing, Debby Chintya Dewi, Meidiana Hutomo and Ida Kusuma
- Zahra (2008), with Dinda Kanya Dewi, Ayushita, Teuku Wisnu, Adly Fairuz, Putri Patricia, Iqbal Pakula
- Tasbih Cinta as Jojo, with Laudya Cynthia Bella, Bayu Kusuma Negara, Bobby Rahman, Neny Triana, Benny Ruswandi, Nella Anne, Helsi Herlinda and Fayza
- Terlanjur Cinta (2009) as Ridho, with Ririn Dwi Ariyanti, Niken Anjani, Zaskia Sungkar and Arthur Brotolaras

Cowok BugilCowok Ganteng
foto Andrew Andika pictures collection

Biography Andrew Andika :

Muhammad Andrew Andika Fatturahman, better known as Andrew Andika, Andrew Andhika or Andre Andika is an Indonesia young sexy actor. His real name is Muhammad Andrew Andika Fatturahman, was born in Bandung, 10 Juli 1987. Andrew Andika has multiple bloody, mix of American Pakistan and he was live in United States until 3 years old. Andrew had a handsome face, no wonder if many young girls and mature women interest to date and making love with him. Unfortunatelly, you can't find foto Andrew Andika telanjang or photo Andrew Andika bugil here, because actually he never photo nude in front of camera and this blog not porn site.

Last year we heard, Andrew Andhika had to treatment with surgical doctor to treat leukemia deadly disease and did bone marrow transplantation. The doctor use allogeneic bone marrow stem cell transplantation to treat the leukemia or cancer diseases and myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) that involve the cells within the bone marrow, also referred to as hematopoietic cells. In an allogeneic transplant, his father's bone marrow cells are used to restore Andrew Andika's bone marrow after high dose chemotherapy and radiation therapy, and the surgical work sucessfull. His doctor said, "Bone marrow transplantation may be used in conjunction with additional treatments, such as chemotherapy, for various types of leukemia, lymphoma, breast, Hodgkin's disease, ovarian cancer, and other cancers."

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photo Andrew Andika gallery

After healthy and recover from the leukemia transplantation, Andrew Andhika was back as the artist. Terlanjur Cinta is the latest sinetron which starred with Ririn Dwi Aryanti, Niken Anjani and Arthur Brotolaras.

You can get latest news about profil Andrew Andika wallpaper, photo Andrew Andika, foto Andrew Andika telanjang dada, Andrew Andika bugil only gossip and biografi Andrew Andhika ... here

March 10, 2009

Jonas Rivanno Wattimena, Leave University for Jobs Career

Biodata Jonas Rivanno Wattimena Profil

  • Full Name : Jonas Rivanno Wattimena
  • Alternative Name : Jonas Revanno, Jonas Revano, Jonas Rivano
  • Nickname : Vanno, Nino, Vano
  • Place / Date of birth : Jakarta, 20 Maret 1987
  • Father's Name : Agustinus Wattimena
  • Mother's Name : Leony Pattipeilohy
  • Religion : Christian Protestant
  • Zodiak : Pisces
  • Occupation : Actor, Model
  • Education : Institut Teknologi Surabaya (ITS), majoring Environmental Engineering
  • Hobby : Basketball, Acting, Singing, making people happy
  • Favorite Books : Comics
  • Favorite Music : Rock
  • Favorite TV Shows : Channel V, MTV, Khanza, Kawin Massal, Smallville, Nikita
Commercial Ad for : All New Honda Jazz (with Gabriella Resti Taroeno)

foto Jonas Revanno Wattimena photo gallery


- Khanza as Nino, starring with Velove Vexia, Alexandra Gottardo
- Kawin Masal as Ben, starring with Glenn Alinskie, Agnes Monica and Kimberly Ryder
- Nikita as Vanno, starring with Nikita Willy, Dude Harlino, Jessica Mila, Cathy Sharon, Dirly Idol and Debbie Cinthya Dewi.

Biografi Jonas Revanno Wattimena :

Jonas Rivanno Wattimena, better known as Jonas Rivanno (many people known her name as Jonas Revanno Wattimena, Jonas Revano or Jonas Rivano) was born at Jakarta, 20 Maret 1987. Jonas Rivanno, a young macho boy who have blood mixture from Netherlands, Germany and Ambon is starting his career as a foto model in the teenage magazine (cowok hot sexy model) after successfully obtaining a degree from Best Catwalk at Coverboy Aneka Yess 2007 event selection.

Jonas Rivanno wallpaper with My Special Date crew and Velove Vexia

After joining with production-house SinemArt, Vanno who have wajah cakep ganteng, atletis and keren get the main role as Nino in Sinetron Khanza immediately, starring with Velove Vexia and Alexandra Gottardo as Cilla. After success with Khanza, Jonas Rivanno paired with famous stars, Agnes Monica in sinetron Kawin Massal. Jonas Revanno get role as Ben, and Agnes Monica as Sachiko. Jonas Rivanno success in the world of television entertainment make the majority of people upset. Jonas had to leave study at university, or for temporary leave from the bench studying in Surabaya Technology Institute (ITS) in order to pursue a career as a famous artist. At the Surabaya Institute of Technology, he took Environmental Engineering Department.. because he is very concerned about damage to the environment even though the intention to be graduated from university had to be suspended temporarily for his career. Several days ago, the latest sinetron Jonas Rivanno Wattimena has been playing on television with the title sinetron Nikita, he played as Vanno, starring with Nikita Willy, Dude Harlino, Jessica Mila, Cathy Sharon, Dirly Idol and Debbie Cinthya Dewi. You can get foto Jonas Rivanno Wattimena photo collection as below...