May 20, 2009

Dimas Beck Trauma Stroke Disease of His Mother

Biodata Dimas Beck :

Full Name : Dimas Kahlil Sudoyo Beck
Alternative Name : Dimas Kahlil Beck, Dimas Sudoyo Becks
Nickname : Dimas Beck
Place / Date of birth : Jakarta, 8 Mei 1988
Father's Name : Sharif Beck
Mother's Name : Ida Sudoyo (got stroke cerebrovascular disease)
Height : 182 cm
Weight : 67 kgs
Zodiak : Taurus
Relationship : Vianka
Brother : Dan Beck
Sister : Dewi Beck
Occupation : Actor, Model, Singer, VJ
Education : SD Tadika Puri, SD Cita Buana Jagakarsa, SD Tarakanita 2 Barito, SMA Lab School
Commercial Ad for : A&W

Judul Sinetron Dimas Beck :
Tikus dan Kucing Mencari Cinta, Bila Jatuh Cinta, Sissy Putri Duyung, Hei Cantiknya, Keluargaku Harapanku (Daffa Ananda, Inas Tasya), Mimpi Si Anak Yatim (Aryani Fitriana Kepompong, Hessel), Doo Bee Doo (Rafi Ahmad, Mohamad Rizky, Risty Tagor, Dhawiya, Thyzia and Nini Arum)
Dimas Beck
foto Dimas Beck pictures (credited to Anekayess Online and

Movies Starring Dimas Beck
- Apa Artinya Cinta? (2005), with Shandy Aulia, Samuel Rizal, Acha Septriasa, Sari Nila, Mischa Chandrawinata, Betrand Antolin, Ken Ayu Citra, Alexander Wiguna and Naomi Gonzales
- Lentera Merah (2006), with Laudya Cynthia Bella, Firrina, Teuku Wisnu, Fikri Ramdhan and Kartika Indah Pelapory
- Bukan Bintang Biasa (2007), with Raffi Ahmad, Laudya Chintya Bella, Ayusita, Chelsea Olivia

Dimas Kahlil Beck Music Album :
- The Best of Melly (Melly G feat BBB)
- Bukan Bintang Biasa, with Ayu-Shita, Raffi Achmad, Chelsea Olivia, Laudya Chyntia Bella
- Single Lagu “Ada Kamu” 2008
Cowok Ganteng
photo Dimas Beck wallpaper with Vianka, pacarnya who looks like Julia Perez

Biografi Dimas Beck Biography :

Dimas Beck who have full name Dimas Kahlil Sudoyo Beck is the son of divorced couple Sharif Beck and Ida Sudoyo, that affected stroke disease 4 years ago. His father has Australian blood and mother come from Indonesia. Dimas Beck was born in Jakarta, 8 Mei 1988 and when he was young very friendly . He has one brother, Dan Beck and one sister, Dewi Beck who stayed in Australia and actually he offers to continue study in Australia university by his father but the bid was refused and prefer choose to work in entertainment especially Playlist SCTV with Cathy Sharon and Indra Bekti.

After his parents divorced, little Dimas Beck treated by the mother and grandmother. His mother worked hard to pay for school and family life until finally suffered the Stroke disease. Stroke is one of deadly diseases like cancer and heart attack, and can cause complications, permanent neurological damage and death. Stroke is the rapidly developing loss of function the brain because disturbance supply blood to the brain. Stroke have two classification, ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic stroke.
Cowok Bugil
nafsu Dimas Beck sedikit bergairah and terangsang when see gadis ayu

When first suffering from deadly stroke, Mrs. Ida Sudoyo, mother of Dimas Beck had to be treated in the hospital. Doctors make the diagnosis, treatment care and rehabilitation for cure the dangerous disease. In ischemic stroke disease, supply of blood to part of the brain is decreased, leading to dysfunction of the brain tissue in that area. Why this might happen, there are 4 reasons : thrombosis becauseobstruction of a blood vessel by a blood clot forming locally, systemic hypoperfusion, embolism and venous thrombosis. Intracerebral hemorrhage stroke (ICH) is bleeding directly into the brain tissue, forming a gradually enlarging hematoma. Intracranial hemorrhage is the accumulation of blood anywhere within the skull vault. A distinction is made between extra-axial hemorrhage where blood inside the skull but outside the brain, and intra-axial hemorrhage where blood inside the brain. We only can pray, hope his mother can recover quickly from cerebrovascular stroke and Dimas Beck can continue his career in sctv Playlist with Cathy Sharon and Indra Bekti.

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