May 2, 2009

Save Your Article From Plagiarisme Using COPYSCAPE

Save your articles from plagiarisme or copy paste, you can check using If you only copy paste or take 2-5 articles from my blog, I think it is still reasonable and normally.

There is one blog that attract me : HTTP://COWOKCOWOKSEKSI.BLOGSPOT.COM . They takes many the same content articles (OVER 25 EXACT SAME ARTICLES WITHOUT EDITING.. ) that I write without including news source from my blog (you can compare the article content with my blog). I have see and watch the blog from March (last month) and I only silent, but the action was still conducted continously and he still copy paste my articles again and again... Oh My God !

Look at the content of any posts under this blog article, it is all exactly the same article that I've written. Only THE TITLES are REPLACED, BUT CONTENTS STILL EXACT SAME (NOT CHANGE)...

You can see the detail as below :

I can not contact the owner of the blog as above, because I can't write or posts there because all comments was disabled. If you are the blog owner above, please write source of the article so there's no parties feel aggrieved. Or, maybe someone can contact the owner of blog above, Thank You.

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