November 2, 2008

Teuku Wisnu

Full Name : Teuku Wisnu
Nickname : Teuku Wisnu
Place / Date of birth : Jakarta, 4 Maret 1985
Father's Name : Teuku Yusar
Mother's Name : Wuwuh A Puri
Religion : Islam
Weight : 68 kg
Height : 178 cm
Zodiak : Pisces
Hobby : Playing football, watching movies

Colour : Black, White
Music : RnB, rock alternative, hip-hop
Film : Harry Potter, Lord of The Ring, Taxi 3, Lentera Merah, Angker Batu & Rocky Balboa

* Moestopo University, Jakarta - majoring International Relation

* Frestea
* Fren
* Pop Mie
* Baso Bakar So Good

* Cinta Monyet

1. SCTV Award 2007 category : Aktor Ngetop
2. Finalis MTV VJ Hunt

* Makin Sayang
* Benar Benar Cinta (2006) - with Verlita Evelyn, Nena Rosier, El manik & Eva Anindhita
* Dua Hati
* Culunnya Pacarku
* Hidayah
* Legenda eps Si Manis Jembatan Ancol
* Cinta Fitri as Farel - with Shireen Sungkar, Rizky Hanggono, Mike Lewis, Adly Fairuz, Donita, Randy Pangalila & Metha Yunatria
* Zahira

* Gue Kapok Jatuh Cinta (2005) - with Oka Antara, Dude Harlino
* Lentera Merah (2006) - with Laudya Cynthia Bella, Dimas Beck, Kartika Indah Pelapory, Kartika Indah Pelapory

Teuku Wisnu who has born in Jakarta, 4 March 1985 is the patron cinema television and have bloody of Aceh. Teuku Wisnu who have high 178 cm and weight of 68 kg has successful in many movies television cinema, advertising and become presenter in some television station. Currently, he has registered as students at Moestopo University Jakarta majoring International Relationship.

Teuku Wisnu, or Tengku Wisnu enter the Indonesian entertainment came from a car accident. When he bring aunt's car, he had a road accident at city toll Jakarta. Because he don't have some money to repair the damage of the car, so Teuku Wisnu on the advice of his friends follow some advertising casting and he had approved. Jeannia Fitria, or we also known as call name "Pipit" is Teuku Wisnu's girlfriend since 2005. But Teuku Wisnu don't want to get hurry married, because he wants to concentrate on his career and study.

Teuku Wisnu and friend

Teuku Wisnu and Dude Herlino

Teuku Wisnu and Shireen Sungkar "Cinta Fitri"
Aktor Ngetop SCTV Awards

Teuku Wisnu and Beautiful Fans

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