November 1, 2008

Adly Fairuz

Full Name : Ahmad Adly Fairuz
Nickname : Adly Fairuz
Place / Date of birth (Tanggal Lahir) : Jakarta, 14 April 1987
Father's Name : H Agus Irianto
Mother's Name : Hj Lutfiah
Religion : Islam
Zodiak : Aries
Hobby : Music

Food : Pecel ayam, pecel lele

1. OST Coblos cinta

* Teman Sahabat Cinta (FTV)
* Tikus Kucing Mencari Cinta (2006)
* Miliader Geser Pager (2006)
* Cinta Fitri (2007)
* Cinta Arjuna
* Kalau Cinta Mau Bilang Apa

* The Winner #1 Reality Show Supermama Seleb Concert

Adly Fairuz enter the world of entertainment started when he lead his brother to sinetron's casting, Aldy also participate and fortunatelly he pass and can join to participate. First debut Adly Fairuz on entertainment on FTV sinetron Teman Sahabat Cinta. Popularity Adly Fairuz increase when act in Cinta Fitri sinetron play with Shireen Sungkar and Teuku Wisnu.

Adly Fairuz "si cowok tampan" has been playing music since he was young. With her friends, he founded a band. His ability to play music has been proven with champion in reality show Supermama Selebconcert with his mother, Mama Lutfiah. He sing two songs in the ost Coblos Cinta, the song is Let It Flow and Kemenangan. Adly Fairuz also be an image ambassador of Dadung products and Indosat, he become a model several products advertisement.

Adly Fairuz - Shireen Sungkar

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