April 14, 2009

Tommy Kurniawan Care With Chronic Kidney Failure

Profil Biodata Tommy Kurniawan
  • Full Name : Tommy Kurniawan
  • Alternative Name : Tomi Kurniawan, Tomy Kurniawan
  • Nickname : Tommy Kurniawan
  • Place / Date of birth : Tangerang, 15 September 1984
  • Father's Name : Samsudin
  • Mother's Name : Mulyanih
  • Religion : Islam
  • Height : 180 cm
  • Weight : 60 kg
  • Zodiak : Virgo
  • Relationship : Zaskia Adya Mecca, Mayangsari, Zee Zee Shahab, Cynthia Hermawan
  • Occupation : Actor, Model
  • Hobby : Futsal Station Star, Badminton
  • Favourite Food : Nasi Uduk, Bubur Ayam
Commercial Ad for : Sprite, Coca Cola, Eskulin, Chiki Tradia, Jamin, Indosat IM3, Supermie Super Cup, Ovale Maskulin, Lotte, Milton, Mie Pazto, Pigeon

Prestasi / Appreciation :
- Winner #2 Top Model Cardinal 2000

foto Tommy Kurniawan photo gallery

Film Tommy Kurniawan Title :

- Eiffel I'm In Love (2003), with Shandy Aulia, Samuel Rizal, Titi Kamal, Yogi Finanda, Helmy Yahya, Didi Petet and Vena Annisa
- Buruan Cium Gue / Satu Kecupan (2004), with Hengky Kurniawan, Masayu Anastasia, Dimas Setowardana, Ratu Felisha, Imelda Therinne, Oman Nurchman, Ishak S.M., Siti Rohasanah, Anggie Regia A, Leydia A, Aimee Juliette, Irfan Hakim, indoganteng.blogspot.com, Martha Ludiya, Dewi Rezer and Yudi Lifa
- Coblos Cinta as Aldi, with Nadia Saphira, Jessica Iskandar, Marrio Merdhitia, Gracia Indri, Tarra Budiman, Siti Anizah, Melvin Lim, Alessia Cestaro, Hamzah Notonegoro, Framly Daniel and Intan Savila

lelaki tampan Tommy Kurniawan and friends

Sinetron Tommy Kurniawan Title :

- Yanina Cinta, with Siti Hafar Raihaanun Nabila
- Di Sekolah Ada Cinta, with Novianti Monica
- ABG (Akibat Banyak Gaul) as Indra, with Ratu Felisha, Henky Kurniawan, Masayu Anastasia, Ratu Felisha, Jupiter, Niken OP and Dimas Seto Wardhana
- Rahasia Hati, with Bunga Zainal, Bunga Citra Lestari
- Kawin Gantung, with Natalie Sarah, Didi Riyadi, Adi Firansyah
- Sheila
- Jangan Berhenti Mencintaiku, with Inne Azri
- Janji Jaya as Farel, with Yunita David Singkoh, Cynthia Hermawan
- Habibi dan Habibah, with Tia Ivanka, Lyra Virna and Nikita Willy
- Hareem, with Shandy Aulia, Teddy Syach, Sharon Jessica
- Inayah, with Teddy Syach, Sharon Jessica, Shandy Aulia, Ratu Felisha, Anggur Aulia, Fitri Ayu

Biografi Tommy Kurniawan Biography :

Tommy Kurniawan was born in Jakarta, 15 September 1984. He's a commercial ads model, sinetron actor and Indonesian movie star in world entertainment. He is starting her career from Top Model Cardinal 2000 contest and success as second winner. After that, many jobs invitation especially as commercial model come to Tomi Kurniawan. He has some close friends, such as Nicky Tirta, Mayangsari, and Adi Firansyah (rip) who has death at motorcycle car accident.

close up actor Tommy Kurniawan (pics taken from kapanlagi.com)

As a young boy, Tommy Kurniawan who have handsome face and athletic perfect body also famous as a playboy. According to indoganteng.blogspot.com, No wonder if many sexy young girls and hot sexy mature woman interest and love with him, such as Zaskia Adya Mecca, Mayangsari (gossip or fact?), Zee Zee Shahab, Cynthia Hermawan, etc.

Tommy Kurniawan is really loving his mother, although his mother suffered severe illness that is kidney failure. Initially the mother suffering from diabetes, but because late then the diabetes disease spread to all the other organs and makes chronic kidney disease (CKD). His mother always consult with a doctor and do medical check up at hospital to see and treat the kidney failure deadly disease. All efforts made by Tommy to make his mother could recover from the failed kidney, and it makes kidney transplant donor to makes his mother healthy again. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) better known as chronic renal disease, is a progressive loss of renal function over period of months or years. Stage 5 CKD is also called as established chronic kidney disease and it is synonymous with the now outdated terms end-stage renal disease (ESRD), chronic renal failure (CRF) or chronic kidney failure (CKF). Severe CKD requires one of the forms of renal replacement therapy. This is a form of dialysis, but ideally constitutes a kidney transplant. So it makes Tommy Kurniawan have more spirit to work hard and saving much money, so his mother can do kidney tranplantation at hospital in China, United States, Canada, Singapore or Britain.

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