December 8, 2008

Boxer Underwear, Not Pria Bugil

Boxer underwear is without a doubt most men's top choice for the type of underwear they wear. And clearly underwear is a very personal thing and we all have different standards in terms of what we look for in comfort, fit and fabric. I have to admit, for everyday boxers I like cotton, but not just any old cotton.

There are connoisseurs of sexy men's swimwear and underwear. You must very selective and all the products must meet their exacting standards for fit, comfort, durability, and sex appeal. Don't forget also wear sunglass, Ipod or MP3 Player if you want like as beach boys. Please see these pictures, there are many hot men's underwear model. Maybe you want to buy underwear model like there, that's very cute, sexy, hot and attractive. I believe if you wearing underwear like there, many girls will falling in love with you.

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Ryan said...

Thanks for the pics..! Casual Male has a nice selection of men's underwear.